Real Estate Law

Before you move forward with a real estate purchase, it's important that you have all the facts about what you're getting into. When it comes to matters of real estate, oftentimes you have a lot of finances on the line. You don't want to find yourself trapped in a contract after discovering major issues with the property you've purchased later on.

Thinking about "major property issues" may lead you to anticipate discovering busted pipes, faulty electrical wiring, or a leaky roof—  all of which are certain problems you would want to have inspected beforehand, but there are many other instances in which your property rights can be violated. So regardless of whether you are just entering into what appears to be a routine purchase, or you have already found yourself facing a major real estate dispute, having experienced legal counsel in your corner can save you a great deal of stress and money in the long run.

Avoid Real Estate Risks

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I have worked with individuals, families, landlords, tenants, and realtors in many real estate matters and dispute resolution. Below, you’ll find information about some of the most common real estate concerns I have handled, but don't hesitate to reach out for legal assistance even if your particular situation isn’t listed here. 

First-Time Home Buying in New Jersey

I truly enjoy working with first-time home buyers and helping them to navigate through this big purchase and exciting milestone in their lives, especially because I understand how overwhelming it can be. I always tell my clients that all questions are good questions when it comes to their real estate and property matters. There’s no need to put their investment at adverse risk, and I am prepared to guide them to ensure that they do not.

Help for New Realtors, Too

Not only do I assist first time home buyers, but I have also worked with new realtors that were unsure of how to draw up proper contracts. It’s important for them and their home buyers are confidently counseled through the process. I offer my legal knowledge and skills to any realtors— new or seasoned—  without judgment.

A Dedicated Real Estate Lawyer

With nearly 20 years of experience with real estate transactions, I can guide you through every step of the home building, buying, and selling processes. Including, but not limited to:

  • Drafting or reviewing your sales contract

  • Reviewing your lending documents

  • Researching and clearing title issues

  • Addressing easement questions and other restrictions

  • Conducting your closing

When it comes to having your side heard, you need an experienced advocate in your corner. Whether you are buying, selling, or building your home in New Jersey, my background in real estate law could greatly benefit you. Reach out today to put my experience on your side.

Real Estate Law Attorney in Union City, New Jersey

Real estate is a major investment. And you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to the buying or selling of your property. If you have any real estate concerns in New Jersey, I am here to help protect your investment and ensure the smooth resolution of any conflicts and transactions pertaining to your real estate. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.